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Badcock Golf
Golf Range Products

Ball Baskets & Trays

Plastic Baskets & Trays


We carry a range of hand and modular range ball collectors.


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Plastic Ball Baskets

Badcock golfball baskets

  • Square Basket 260mm wide x 220mm high Capacity 90 balls
  • PB60 220mm x 230mm: Capacity 60 - 80 balls
  • PB90 250mm x 260mm: Capacity 90 - 110 balls
  • PB150 Capacity 150 - 165 balls

Stacking Storage Crates

Badcock Golf golfball storage crates

  • Plastic stacking storage crates
  • Hold approximately 400 balls
  • 0.40m wide x 0.20m high x 0.60m long

Basket Stand

Badcock Golf golf ball basket stand

  • Powder coated steel with adjustable legs
  • Available with Basket options to suit your need
  • Adjustable feet
  • Dimensions: 0.1m(h) x 0.52m(w) x 0.3m(d)

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