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Range Management Software

Badcock Golf range management software


  • Utilises contactless card technology for regular customers with a simple top-up credit system.
  • Tickets containing single use PIN codes can be produced for one-off dispenses.
  • Incorporates a detailed reporting system to monitor cashflow and vend activity even down to specific members or system users.
  • Features user activity tracking to add a level of transparency to the actions of staff members.
  • Monitors ball levels in dispensers and refills are tracked as they happen.
  • Custom pricing bands can be set and combined with three configurable basket sizes
  • Support for golf pros with unilimited use cards and usage monitoring.
  • Special offers consisting of multiple conditions and effects allow for tight control over pricing.


  • Centralised database store which all dispensers connect to.
  • Contactless cards do not wear down or degrade with use and can be reused.
  • Credit levels and member data is stored within the system, not on the member cards. So having a customer lose their card does not result in a loss of credit or breach of privacy as the lost card can be invalidated within the system by a member of staff, rendering it worthless.
  • Detailed reporting and logging minimises the risk of theft or misconduct from going unnoticed and adds a degree of accountability to sales staff.
  • Features a high visibility all-weather VFD display for giving clear step-by-step instructions for dispenser usage.
  • Integrated backup and restore system to simplify off-site backups to protect against data loss due to fire or theft.

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