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Badcock Golf
Golf Range Products

Rotary Ball Dispenser

Available with various payment methods

Dispenser Management

Badock golfball dispenser management

  • Utilises contactless card technology for regular customers with a simple ‘top-up’ credit system
  • Tickets containing single use PIN codes can be produced for one-off dispenses
  • Incorporates a detailed reporting system to monitor cashflow and vend activity, even down to to specific members or system users
  • Features user activity tracking to add a level of transparency to the actions of staff members
  • Monitors ball levels in dispensers and refills are tracked as they happen
  • Custom pricing bands can be set and combined with 3 configurable basket sizes
  • Support for golf pros with unlimited use cards and useage monitoring
  • Special offers consisting of multiple conditions and effects to allow for tight control over pricing

Rotary Ball Dispenser

Badcock Golf Rotary Ball Dispenser

Payment options include Digi Cards, Tokens, Cash, Plastic Membership Cards, Contactless and Credit Cards.

  • Available as a behind the wall unit
  • State of the art computer controlled software
  • Interactive customer display
  • Up to 8 vend options
  • 7 programmable daily ‘happy hours’
  • Vends 50 balls in 15 seconds
  • Totals coins inserted and vends according to quantity
  • Opto count system
  • Can be integrated with most in-house computer systems
  • Standard 13,000 capacity single outlet
  • Magnelis Steel Construction with powder coated parts
  • Custom built so can be altered to suit your needs

Capacity: 13,000 balls
Dimensions: 1.0m wide x 1.5m deep x 1.15m high
Electrical requirement: 1 x 13 amp single socket

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