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Badcock Golf
Golf Range Products

Practice and Chipping Nets

Can be supplied with nylon all-weather golf mats

Nets, mats and tees

We supply easy to install outdoor nets for club practice with a robust galvanised frame surrounded with extremely tough 22m netting. Includes a baffle net to double safety. We also offer a green powder coating option and an upgrade of the baffle net to Archery netting if required. Ideal for club use and tuition, they can be linked together for many players to warm up before a round. We also provide the mats and tees to go with them.

Standard Sizes: 3m high, 3m wide, 3.8m deep. We can also fabricate any size of net to fit your existing structure.

28 mm Knotted Netting

Golf Netting

Practice Net

Badcock Golf Practice Net

Octagonal Chipping Net

Badcock Golf Chipping Net

  • Ideal for short game practice
  • 1.5m diameter
  • Design may vary
  • Made in U.K.
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