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Badcock Golf
Golf Range Products

Golf Ball Dispenser Consumables

A Range of Tokens and Cards

Golf Range Consumables

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Digi Cards and Card Readers

Badcock Golf Consumables and Accessories

  • Various coded Cards available
  • Sold in packs of 250 Cards
  • 1, 5, 10 and 20 credit Cards available

Ball Dispenser Tokens

Ball Dispenser Tokens

  • Eagle Freedom No Cash Value Large
  • Eagle Freedom No Cash Value Medium
  • Eagle Freedom No Cash Value Small
  • Starburst Thin Eurocoin London
  • Starburst Thick Eurocoin London
  • Golf Ball No Cash Value BSL Token One
  • Golf Ball No Cash Value BSL Token Two
  • Flat Groove in centre SSL Token
  • Eagle LT Token

Contactless Dispenser Management

The system is made up of two parts as shown below.
Personally coded cards can be either swiped or inserted into the slot.
The machine dispenses the balls a couple of seconds later.

Badcock Contactless Golf Ball Dispenser

  • Contactless system can work alongside other payment methods
  • Credit information is held on the cards only
  • Cards and machine installed with a personal code unique to your site
  • Prices for printing on cards can be quoted separately
  • Recharging Units can be installed at various locations on site